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Lynda Carter, Go Farther

Tyler “Action” Jackson and the rest of the Foam Castles crew have whipped up something special for you. Just for you. Guess what it is? Go on, take a guess…

It’s a brand spankin’ new record! It’s called “Flotilla” and we are incredibly excited and honored to be helping to get it out. Like many of our favorite Foam Castles tunes of past days, this record finds Tyler lyrically weaving a snarled and disheveled collection of abstract vignettes construced as songs. Sometimes narratives are glimpsed, but more often, are inferred from the fragments of context carefully strewn.

Ok, so you want it?

If you’re in the mood for some old fashioned physical media, look no further. Just a couple of quick clickitty clacks, and it will be on its way to your home. We’ll also email you a link immediately to a digital version of the record.

If you’re more into buying things that don’t exist, the record is for sale at all your preferred digital retailers.

Why don’t you head on over to the Foam Castles’ bandy camp page and check out a couple tunes?